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    INFIN has 3 large warehouses in the United States, distributed in Sacramenlo and Ontario&Las Vegas  The total area of the warehouse is 10,000 square meters, which is enough to ensure sufficient inventory! We store various models of prototype bicycles in the warehouse, and dealers can pick up sample bicycles directly from the warehouse to save time. We have an assembly factory in Poland and a warehouse in Germany for fast transportation to European distributors.

    US&EU Warehouses

    1. 1015 N Market Blvd .#7 Sacramenlo,CA 95834

    2. 1290 E Elm St #A.5 Ontario CA 91761

    3. 6585 Arville Sl,Las Vegas NV 89118

    4.Rue de l’Abbaye 10 C;4040 Herstal Belgium.

    Amercia Experience Center

    Seeing is better than hearing. Visit our experience center, where you can try out all our products and search for cooperation with us directly.

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