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  • All you need to know about mountain eletric bike.

    Simply put, an electric mountain bike is a mountain bike that is electrically assisted. Just like regular mountain biking (MTB) bicycles, electric mountain biking (eMTB) bikes typically have front fork suspension and advanced bikes also have rear suspension. eMTB bicycles are equipped with mid-drive, or center-drive, motors coupled to a power pack. Older eMTB models came with bulky hub motors. This is no longer a viable option as mid-drive motors are lighter and they lower the bicycle’s center of gravity, improving balance. Most eMTB bikes come with at least 400 watt-hour (Wh), 36Volt battery packs. eMTB bikes give you the option to turn off the motor when not needed and can be ridden like a normal mountain bike if preferred, albeit with the added weight of a lithium-ion battery and motor. Most eMTB bikes have the same components as their non-electric counterparts but many reputable brands, like SRAM and Shimano, are starting to manufacture e-bike specific components.

    Why choose fat tire mountain electric bike ?

    1.Stay Healthy — Physically and Mentally

    For middle-aged and elderly people, having a healthy body is very important. But many people are struggling to find a suitable fitness method. Electric bicycles can solve this problem. Compared with other means of transportation, riding an electric bicycle can help you get more exercise and improve immunity, and you can use pure electric mode when you are tired, which can achieve a combination of exercise and rest. Also, for people with poor physical strength and those who have suffered from leg injuries, this is the best way to exercise during the epidemic.

    2.Electric mountain bikes are more robust

    Everything about most full suspension electric mountains is usually much higher quality than typical commuter bikes.

    3.Higher-quality batteries

    This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but generally speaking, electric mountain bikes are usually built around higher-quality battery packs.



  • What are mountain electric bike parts ?


    he E-TECH system features energy saving, engine protection and long battery life. All the while the 350 Watt high-speed brushless motor can produce speeds up to 23~25 MPH in just 15 seconds.


    With waterproof connectors, display the
    battery bar/ riding speed /riding
    mileage/motor output power, etc.
    Push mode: Use it when you need to
    push the bike uphill.


    Equipped with full suspension with the 4-Link frame on the bikes. It ensures enjoyment in every section. 180mm travel distance air suspension fork, adjustable preload to match weight and riding stytle for great riding experience. Besides that, we also implemented the hydraulic brakes system,safe for everyone to ride.


    The throttle has three gears by default,
    allowing you to simply operate the
    throttle without pedaling and going up to


    Single-speed 52T aluminum alloy crankset.
    The chain and gear match precisely.


    A good battery is vital to the electric bike, our battery to ensure the long life and high safety. Removable, hidden in the frame and easy to install.


    How to assemble the Mountain electric bike .


    Once you become our customer, we will provide you with an installation video for this model, as well as an installation manual.。

  • Considerations When Purchasing the mountain electric bike .

  • How to buy the electric bike from electric bike manufacturers in china.

    Once you’ve decided on what kind of e-moped you want, the hard part’s over. The next step is to find the perfect place to buy your e-moped. Here is a guide to help you choose the best electric bike manufacturer.

    Research the Market

    Looking for the e-bike manufacturer can be overwhelming. Make the process easier by doing an online search to find all e-bike manufacturers around your area. You can do this easily, by using some relevant keywords like “electric bike”, “scooter manufacturers” or simply “electric bike factory.”

    This search will help you jot down a list of eletric bike manufacturers that look the most promising. If you want to make your list even more targeted, use product specific keywords in your search. For example, a search for “electric moped in bulk from china” will give you a list of manufacturers that provide this electric bike.

    Choose the Right electric bike Manufacturer

    Once you have a list of promising electric bike manufacturers, it is time to choose the best one. The following factors will help you decide which eletric bike manufacturer is the right one for you:

  • Electric bike Manufacturer vs Reseller:

    electric bike manufacturers usually offer a better product than resellers. Also, electric bike manufacturers know a lot more about the products they are selling and can help you choose the right electric bike for your project.

    Variety of Products:

    electric bike manufacturers house a wide variety of electric bike products. They also store lots of products oversea warehouse for more . Browse the electric bike manufacturer’s website to see what kind of products they offer.

    Quality Control: 

    Check what kinds of machines the lectric bike manufacturer uses to make fram. Take a look at their manufacturing process and the quality control they have in place.

    Safety Checks and Warranties: 

    Check the electric bike’ warranty policy to ensure that the e-bike do not contain Damaged or missing parts. Also, browse the ebike manufacturer’s warranty information to see how they ensure the quality of their products.

    Design Help and Customer Service:

    Check if the electric bike manufacturer is easy to reach out to and if they are readily available to answer your queries. We work with our customers to help them choose the best electric bike for them. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalog, we can always custom-made the electric bike you need.

    Contact the Manufacturer

    • What will your eletric bike project cost you? Ask them to give you an estimate of per ebike and of the project as a whole.
    • How will they deliver the ebike products to you? Also, ask them how much time shipping will take. If they don’t handle the shipping process, ask for recommendations.
    • How will the ebike/escooter be installed? Can you install them yourself or if you’ll need professional help? Do they offer installation assistance?
    • Can they design custom ebike for you? If so, how long will that take and what will be the cost of your project?
    • Do they offer after-sale support?
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