Fat tire electric mountain bike AM200

As the continuously improving flagship model, the AM200 now's a big difference and a next-level riding experience.
Custom geared-hub motor with higher uphill capabilities, new high-performance hydraulic disc brakes with better-stopping power, and a magnesium alloy air fork to maximize comfort.

The E-TECH system features energy-saving, engine protection, and long battery life. All the while the 750 Watt high-speed brushless motor can produce speeds up to 26~28 MPH within 10 seconds.

Our battery to ensure the long life and high safety. Removable, hidden in the frame, and easy to install.
With the Eahora PAS system, AM200 will help you to reach 40-60 miles per charge.
- 4-6 Hours to Charge with Original 2amp Charger.

Styled in 6061 aluminum frame, air fork with up to 180mm travel, adjustable preload to match the weight and riding style for great riding experience. Longer service life, batter shock absorption, the highest saddle height to the ground is 1030mm, adjustable telescoping stem makes this e-bike fit more riders.
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