• Who we are

    INFINITEBIKER is mainly engaged in the manufacture and wholesale of electric two-wheelers and supporting parts. We operate our own brands and multiple agential brands in the United States. Products range from electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, electric cargos, (electric) bikes for children, and various accessories. Our philosophy is to gather multiple brands, multiple types of two-wheelers, and multiple trade models to provide our customers with high-quality sources and help them broaden their local markets.


    In 2019, we entered the electric vehicle market with our own brand eAhora. In 2020, we became the sole agent for the US market of the SAMEBIKE brand and other brands. In 2021, with the support of ultra-strong factories and supplies, we finally began our new chapter.


    Promising, Growing .

    We know we've come a long way, yet we still got a long way to go.


    Foundation of Infinitebiker

    infinitebiker started business as a small factory with a vision to produce high quality products.



    Increase of Assembly Line

    A year later we added three more assembly lines.We were getting increasingly mature in manufacturing.



    Establishment of R&D Team

    With enormous need of customized Ebike, we invested in ebike R&D, aiming at providing the most suitable ebike solution for our clients.



    Introduction of Ebike Production

    We expanded our plant areas to facilitate modernized machines in order to control production from the ebike components.



    Creating an independent brand

    we entered the electric vehicle market with our own brand eAhora.we sell it on amazon and shopify .



    Breaking industry innovation

    This year we developed and designed the world's first Harley electric motorbike, which allowed us to open up the European market for good.

  • We See Beyond e-bike

    The development of the ebike market all the world in the next 3 to 5 years will be characterisedby retro style and casual scenes, in which the use of retro fuel

    bicycle elements can increase the sportiness of e-bike products and at the same time attract a large number of people with a strong interest in bicycle culture to put The use of retro fuel motorcycle elements can add a sporty feel to e-bike products, and at the same time attract a large number of people with a strong interest in biker culture to add ebikes to their shopping carts. Lightweight,

    foldable e-bikes can also provide a better leisure and fun experience for the average consumer.

  • Future


    We have built a customer experience center integrated with a showroom and warehouse in Chino, California, providing trials, ordering, and delivery of various products. This enables customers to have a more intuitive experience of the products. Customers can visit our experience center after making an appointment on INIFITEBIKER.COM


    we will incorporate more high-quality brand agency authority, we will develop another independent brand-JopaJoca, and most important we will strive to provide more customers with high-quality and trustworthy products.

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